Technologies Shaping the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to healthcare, there is no question that technology is helping to propel the industry forward. However, many people wonder what type of technology is being used today that hasn’t been used in the past. The answer to this can be found here as well as at the healthcare analytics summit SLC.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence—often abbreviated as AI—was formerly used for optimization programs and statistical learning software exclusively. Today, hypothesis-generating AI programs are being developed. These offer the ability to increase the overall intelligence threshold and parse loose connections in a way to find meaning in associations that were previously unrecognized.

Big Data

Biological data is diverse, dense, and deep. In the past, unstructured data wasn’t accessible to computing systems without the use of human collation, and structured data was incomplete.

However, with EMR, medicine started to gather unstructured data sets of comprehensive, real-time information. Computing has now helped to evolve the sparse and heterogeneous data with the programs that combine natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced text analytics.


This was originally developed for cryptocurrency, but blockchain can disrupt medicine because it offers a decentralized digital ledger. Parties who collaborate but have competing interests can utilize blockchain for the development of smart contracts, which increase both efficiency and accuracy. Also, the technology shows quite a bit of potential value in the areas of medical billing, de-identified patient record transmission, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical supply chains.


Robotics in medicine offers quite a few benefits because they are able to significantly change the reproducibility, scale, and the location that care is delivered. Already, the Da Vinci robot is in use, manipulating smaller surgical instruments that were not usable by the human hand.

As anyone can see, technology is changing the way medicine is practiced and administered today. As the tech continues to evolve, there are more and more options to improve care and enhance medical treatments all across the globe. In addition to the tech mentioned above, another that is being used in medicine includes 3-D printing. Continue watching to see what comes next.